Perfect Patio Additions

Just can’t get enough of your patio? Luckily for you, a patio addition is great for expanding your outdoor space and giving you the perfect place for endless outdoor entertaining and memory-making. Ocala Pavers has years of experience working with customers to create and install their dream patios. A patio addition could be the perfect option for your outdoor living space needs. Keep reading to find out why this is a great solution!

What is a Patio Addition?

A paver patio addition is exactly what it sounds like! It means adding on to your existing patio with pavers to achieve a new design, style, elements and added space. Sometimes, homeowners start with a simple patio, or perhaps one that came with their home, and later decide they’d like to add more space for additional chairs, a table or even a grill. This is where the patio addition comes in to suit your preferences.


A patio addition is a great backyard improvement choice because it expands your living area and can even increase the value of your home!

Find the Perfect Patio Addition Plan for Your Home.

When choosing patio addition materials, pavers are easily the best choice because of their customization and affordability. You can design your patio to be whatever size fits your current needs. And if you want to add on to it in a few years? That’s easy!


With many patio design plans available, there are endless options. Let’s take a look at some of the possibilities to help you decide on your perfect patio addition. 

Circle Patio Addition

Patio additions that incorporate elements such as a fire pit or grilling station are a perfect way to liven up your outside living area. Creating separate hangout spaces that are still close together, like in this design, makes a perfect environment for relaxing, grilling out or partying.

Adding a table, chairs and an umbrella provides an ideal place to chill out (literally) under your covered patio. The seating wall pictured below is a great example of the many ways a patio addition allows you to get the most out of your space, offering room for many more people than the existing concrete patio shown.

Patio Addition Design with Seat Wall

At Ocala Pavers, we love to see friends and families enjoying the outdoors and spending time with each other. If you think a patio addition may be a great next step for you and your loved ones, we’re glad to help. If you have any questions about paver patio additions, financing options or pavers in general, contact us today!

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